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Football Pick'em TOUR
Picksheet - Standard Format
This is your standard Pick'em picksheet. The road team is on the left and the home team is on the right. The point spread is shown next to both teams (a negative spread indicates the favorite). The Monday night football tiebreaker only shows up for pools that use it.

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SEA at GB (46.5) Total: Tiebreaker Total - SEA at GB (46.5):
Road Home Favs Dogs Random
Saturday, January 11
Minnesota at San Francisco, 2:35 PM 
2:35 PM 
Tennessee at Baltimore, 6:15 PM 
6:15 PM 
Sunday, January 12
Houston at Kansas City, 1:05 PM 
1:05 PM 
Seattle at Green Bay, 4:40 PM 
4:40 PM 
Monday, January 13
Clemson vs LSU, Championship 6:00 PM  ESPN
6:00 PM  ESPN
Tiebreaker Game: Seattle - Green Bay (46.5) :: Your Prediction: 47.0
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