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The following testimonials are real unsolicited comments from OFP Members and Pool Managers. We will periodically update this page as new comments are received and we welcome everyone's comments, good and bad, although we won't publish the bad ones here. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Left Quotation Mark As someone with a wide (30+ pools over numerous sports) and deep (up to 3500 entries) set of people playing in my pools, the most important thing to me is consistency and reliability and OfficeFootballPool always comes through with flying colors. I know that I don't have to worry about anything not working. Their customer service is fast, friendly and always handles any issue. Been a customer for close to two decades and wouldn't think of using anything else. Right Quotation Mark

Mike Rogers

Left Quotation Mark Your support is outstanding, and I appreciate your willingness to hear suggestions and implement changes based upon them. I have never had trouble with the website doing what it is intended to do, and none of my participants have complained to me about it either. Well done! Right Quotation Mark

Natalie Mueller

Left Quotation Mark your site is by far the best one on the market that i've seen.... . all your competitors suck with functionality and ease of use ... if you guys ever go public please send me a prospectus as i would like to invest Right Quotation Mark

thanks, John

Left Quotation Mark John - we have been using your software at least since 2002. Since we have used the site, we have had very few issues and when they have popped up, have been addressed almost immediately. Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work! Right Quotation Mark

J.D. Perry

Left Quotation Mark I’ve had several pools with you for a couple of decades now and you’ve turned this into a spectacular site over the years. Looking forward to many more and I appreciate the quick and personal response. Right Quotation Mark

Take care, Kevin Barber

Left Quotation Mark This is our 21st season with OFP, and it has been a breeze. Support is always responsive, and the annual improvements have been great!!!!!! Thanks so much for hosting this site. Right Quotation Mark

Marsha Watts

Left Quotation Mark Thank you SO much John! Yes if you changed it to that it sounds perfect...am I all set? If so--I cannot thank you enough for noticing this and taking such good care of my league. This is the highlight of the year and you guys have such a perfect platform. Right Quotation Mark

Zack Nollner

Left Quotation Mark Thanks again for another great season of flawless service. We appreciate you and your team's efforts at making this the easiest and most seamless website known to man. Happy New Year to you and yours! Right Quotation Mark

Regards, Gerry Zawisza

Left Quotation Mark Thank you, I appreciate the prompt assistance! My pool mates have gone out of their way to express to he how much they enjoy the site, y’all do a great job. Thanks again & have a great new year ! Right Quotation Mark

Josh Blizzard

Left Quotation Mark Thanks for everything. My league is full of family/friends and has everything from experts to grandmas, and they all LOVE the site. The league grows every year because the service is so easy to use. I work in IT, I know designing a useful interface is a challenge. Balance between useful and confusing is a thin line. OFP web and mobile has it nailed. Compliments to the chef there. Great job. Great service. Right Quotation Mark

Dan H.

Left Quotation Mark I have been a member of someone else's pool for the last 3 years that is being run on your platform. Their pool is quite large but I liked the way it was run. So I decided to run another pool for a smaller group of people. I think that your platform is perfect for my use and I wouldn't change a thing. Right Quotation Mark

Charlie Girardi

Left Quotation Mark I think the experience is great. Customer service is outstanding. We rarely have any issues. But when we do, all the staff takes care of it quickly and in a friendly manner, even injecting some humor at times. We really appreciate it. Right Quotation Mark

Bill Shulman

Left Quotation Mark I was a first-year manager and I still can't believe how smoothly and problem-free everything went... and, I love, love, love all the information found in the Analysis section... very helpful... THANKYOU! Right Quotation Mark

Sheila Lynch

Left Quotation Mark It’s unbelievable how anyone can tailor your site to meet the rules of their league. If only everything worked as well as your site. Right Quotation Mark

Scott B

Left Quotation Mark This year's improvements are great. Thanks so much for your effort in making this the best football pool site on the Internet! Right Quotation Mark

Tom S.

Left Quotation Mark You guys have truly the best customer service I have ever experienced with a website such as this. And you are welcome to use that quote if you want… Right Quotation Mark

Mike Benser

Left Quotation Mark Overall I am blown away at your site's customization. We've been running this pool out of a google doc spreadsheet the past few years and switching is a slam dunk - I thought there'd be no chance of finding an online platform that would allow us to customize every wrinkle in our pool, and at first glance this checks every box. Can't wait for the season! Right Quotation Mark

Lou Ganser

Left Quotation Mark i have managed on different platforms in the past and this one just has them beat! I get compliments on how well it runs. We have nearly 600 entries each year and people always are looking forward to it the next year! Thanks!! Right Quotation Mark

Haylee Parks

Left Quotation Mark I think I we have used tournament pools for almost 15 years. Our pool started as a paper and pencil pool 20 years ago. When I became Commish of the pool, I moved it to Tournamentpools.com. The entire family and I love this site. It is extremely easy to use, fast, accurate, and the trash talk feature fits the family well. Thanks for all you have done. We love the archive feature. Thank you again. Right Quotation Mark

Keith Janosch

Left Quotation Mark I've used your pool managing tool for more than 10 years now. It has become a very polished, easy to use product. I never get any complaints about it from the people in my pool and the few times I've had to contact customer service, I've received prompt support. Your product is excellent and I've recommended it to others. Right Quotation Mark

Ted Semon

Left Quotation Mark Frankly, as the Commissioner of my league, I can tell you that I think you guys do a great job. I read the testimonials every time I log in and, I'd rather not "pile on" with the gushy compliments. I just hope you guys stick around doing what you're doing for a long time. Right Quotation Mark

Respectfully, Gerry Zawisza

Left Quotation Mark I literally sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of something you could improve on. I could not think of one thing. Website is fast and easy to use. Multiple ways to view standings / picks, etc. There is every option you can think of for me as a commissioner to implement. And if any option is unclear, they provide an explanation. I feel like in the last 3 years ive had to email customer service maybe one time, and I run Pools with over 100 people. Keep up the great work guys! Right Quotation Mark

- Whitney Haller

Left Quotation Mark I have been hosting my pool on OFP for 17+ years and that in itself shows you how I and my group feel about the OFP website. I have seen many changes to the site over the years and all are such great improvements in making this the best site to host your football pool as well as any other sport. Congrats to the Pros at OFP for your expertise in continuing to upgrade the site from year to year. Right Quotation Mark

Robert Conner

Left Quotation Mark John, thanks for the quick reply. I knew there had to be a answer thank for pointing that out. Now is a great time to tell you I have been running my pool for a number of years & your site is the best. I like how you come out with new thinks every year. Thank you again for a first class site. Right Quotation Mark

Doug Blum

Left Quotation Mark I have to tell you. This is by far the best site I have experienced. Very professional, easy to use, and reliable. Keep up the good work. BTW, you can easily raise your cost and I know my roster will still join. Right Quotation Mark

Bob Klooster

Left Quotation Mark Thanks guys. This was our first time using the site for golf. In the past it had been a miserable ordeal on spreadsheets. It went great and the live scoring and other features were really great. Good feedback all around. Look forward to using the site again next year. Thanks again! Right Quotation Mark

Dirk van der Ploeg

Left Quotation Mark I'm setting up my pool for this year ... every year I am so impressed with how well organized this site is. So easy to understand & update - unfortunately those qualities are not part of all websites! OFP is so darn easy to use. Thank you! Right Quotation Mark

Liz Walters

Left Quotation Mark I’ve been using your site for several years now. And I must say it’s the cleanest and most well run site I’ve used for pools in my life. Right Quotation Mark

Michael WFAN / Yankees Radio Network

Left Quotation Mark You guys are amazing ! Best web site Best customer service. Best advanced tools! You make this whole experience a breeze. NO WAY I get the participation of so many family and friends without your web site. Right Quotation Mark

Michael Switzer

Left Quotation Mark Use the site for football and college basketball for many years. Easiest to use, best customer service and never down. Very reasonably priced and if this tech dinosaur can navigate it easily and manage it then anyone can, Has been the source of enormous fun and interest for our family and friends and I intend to use it until I can't. Right Quotation Mark

Anonymous survey response

Left Quotation Mark Fantastic website! The responsiveness of your team to my questions or concerns is incredible. My players always enjoy the experience and the numbers in my pool continue to grow each year. I can’t wait for next season! Right Quotation Mark

Craig Prothro

Left Quotation Mark Thank you very much. This is the greatest site in the history of all pools. Right Quotation Mark

William Doucette

Left Quotation Mark I would like to say that obviously the first college games are today, so I want to personally thank you for the quick response and attention to help troubleshoot this issue. The officefootballpool.com website has always been top notch which is why we return every year. Not sure how we would run this pool without you. Right Quotation Mark

Jess Block

Left Quotation Mark This is my 28th year running this pool. For the first 17 years, I did all calculations manually myself. As anyone can imagine it was quite tedious correcting around 100 sheets of Brackets. Then I discovered OfficeFootballPools. This site relieved all of my stress from managing my pool. I had 182 entries in 2017 and have never heard a bad word about this site from any member in 11 years. Thank you, OFP. Right Quotation Mark

Steve Miles

Left Quotation Mark You guys (assuming there’s more than one of you!) are great. Not a better managed website/application that I’ve ever used. Thanks very much. I’m good to go. Right Quotation Mark

Troy Burrus

Left Quotation Mark Thank you for running such a user friendly, smart site. Exactly what I need and no bloated download time from ads. So refreshing to see people get the fundamentals correct before figuring out how to become billionaires. Right Quotation Mark

Robert Blair

Left Quotation Mark For the 6th year, you guys have allowed my friends and I to enjoy another stellar NFL season. Every year we have grown in numbers that I would not have thought possible when I started this whole thing. I am certain that OFP is the main reason for the league's success. To think of all the work it took by phone/text with eight people, in the beginning, I would have to quit my job in order to keep up with the amount (29) this year. Other than having to remind a few people periodically who forget to make there picks, our pool basically runs itself. I also really appreciate the built-in alerts and warnings that do not allow for any cheating, ensuring the integrity so vital for making this thing worth participating in for many years to come. Keep up the good work! Right Quotation Mark

Daniel Pritchard

Left Quotation Mark I am in Rob's pool [FOOTBALL CHALLENGE] & after many, many years of CBS & his excel programs ~ I can only say Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Thank You! Your website is beyond fantastic ~ the genius to create this program ~ your parents have got to be mighty proud of all of you. BTW ~ as his mom ~ I am rather proud of Rob ~ especially since he found all of you [even if he is a stupid Bronco Fan]. Right Quotation Mark

Again ~ thank you ~ be blessed always & have a glorious day. Anita [Go_Raiders]

Left Quotation Mark I love the site. I had no idea it would be so easy to run a pool of this magnitude. The live updates were timely and the "What If" feature was amazing. I just wish it was more widely publisized because I just stumbled upon it and it was too late for me to tell all of the other players. Perhaps it could be mentioned in the tutorial. Regardless, you have a member for life. Right Quotation Mark

Clorodet Christmas

Left Quotation Mark Any process can only be as good as the people who are part of that process & the staff at OFP exceed expectations year in & year out... Right Quotation Mark

Kenny S.

Left Quotation Mark I've been using OFP for 12 years. It has been great. Every year the site gets better and the customer service is second to none. Right Quotation Mark

Rich Greco

Left Quotation Mark Great service. I had accidentally started preseason picks and didn't realize the problem. I called and you immediately helped me figure it out! I appreciated that. My members love the site and I will be back next year! Thank you! Right Quotation Mark

Loren Rogers

Left Quotation Mark I have made several calls to OFP & every person has been very helpful & knowledgeable. The web site makes things so easy & manageable, I wouldn't run my pool any other way. Right Quotation Mark

Carol Sawicki

Left Quotation Mark I must say, Gentlemen, that, after 4 years of different pools, this program is by far the best we have ever used! It's incredibly customizable, responsive, and easy to use. It also provides a bunch of info that we all like. Most importantly, your Customer Service is exemplary! Roger, et al, are very responsive and have always provided very clear, concise responses to my questions! We will be back next year, and thank you for running the best "Pool" site in the industry! Right Quotation Mark

John Sanders

Left Quotation Mark As a long time manager who runs about 12 pools a year ranging from 10 to 2500 users, the flexibility and reliability of the service along with the top notch personalized customer support makes OFP a no-brainer decision. Having tried other services, none come close in the ease of use and clear cut navigation, and none are as trustworthy on a busy NFL Sunday. Right Quotation Mark

Michael Rogers

Left Quotation Mark I have been hosting football pools for a lot of years and used 3 different sites before Office Football Pool. Your site is by far the best!! My members love that they can make their picks on their phones and how much information is available. I also like that you have printable sheets for my members that do not have internet access. Thanks for making my football life easier! Right Quotation Mark

Connie S.

Left Quotation Mark John, I cannot find a link to post a testimonial but I wanted you to know that we have been using your site for 11 years now. We have witnessed first hand its growth and improvement over the years. Our members have had nothing but great things to say; never a complaint. We can't say that there is not a better website out there because we are not now nor will we ever look for another. We are with you until one of us calls it quits! Thanks for everything. Right Quotation Mark

Michael Tregle

Left Quotation Mark This site is GREAT!! you really have thought of EVERYTHING!!! Right Quotation Mark

Joseph Imbesi

Left Quotation Mark I have been using your site for several years now as part of another pool, and wanted to let you know that you guys do a great job and we really enjoy using it! The mobile site is fantastic. Right Quotation Mark

Art Stawski

Left Quotation Mark I've been too busy at work to get to this before now, and just found out that your online survey was over. So, I'll include my thoughts here, if that'd be okay... You guys do a great job overall, period. The system works smoothly, online access is virtually never an issue anymore, ...not even during your high-usage times (e.g. during the transition period at 4:00pm Sundays, when the early games are ending). You are also one of the only establishments that continually make yourselves truly available to your clients via phone/email. Having been in professional sales for 25+ years, that is impressive in its rarity. Your mobile page is solid: clean and simple to use. And the toggle between the two platforms (mobile/desktop) is now very easy to see and select. I get positive comments on it every season. Right Quotation Mark

All the best, -Dave Ennis

Left Quotation Mark First, let me say that I've been running pools on OFP for about 10 years now, and I really like how well your site supports our pool, and especially appreciate the quick, accurate and helpful customer support. I know you've grown over those 10 years, and yet you somehow always respond so quickly, and ALWAYS fix whatever needs to be fixed the first time around. I love, love, LOVE that. If only all other websites were like you guys! Right Quotation Mark

Dale Scott

Left Quotation Mark Hi- I just wanted to say "thank you" to all of you men who run this website. When I started my pool in 2005, we had just 7 participants...my fam of 4 and our neighbors' family. This year we had 46 people. It has grown because your website is easy to navigate, it's easy for people to make picks, and even for the computer illiterate, like myself,....anyone can figure it out. The designers of your website can certainly pat yourselves on the backs! You've done a great job. Every year, my pool grows just a little, so we'll probably hit 50 next year. In advance of next August, when we all start up our pools again, please let me say "thank you" and "nice job", and "keep up the good work"! You have 45 other people who echo my sentiments exactly! Right Quotation Mark

Cheers, Patti Meihls

Left Quotation Mark By the way, I have been telling people who use CBSSports, or other sites, how limited they are in their choices, and how amazing your site, and specially your customer service is. I have known you for many years, and tell you honestly, you beat every other competition hands down. Right Quotation Mark

Isacc Etessami

Left Quotation Mark I get so much positive feedback from my league, I can't begin to tell you. I used to do all this by hand going back to 1984 (when the Baltimore Colts left) and went searching for a site like yours when they started to pop up. I picked the right one, no doubt. Your responses to my occasional inquiries were lighting fast and spot on. Keep up the good work, and I hope you and your team are enjoying the fruits of your labors. Right Quotation Mark

Mike Papa

Left Quotation Mark John.... don't know what else to say but thank you. You guys save me tons of time. I myself am a programmer but why should I spend countless hours automating what you guys have already perfected. I know of no bugs or glitches or features that didn't work to perfection. Wish they would have hired you guys for obamacare. Keep up good work... Obviously - I am a fan of your website and services and hope to see you again next year. Right Quotation Mark

Mark Wilson Greenville, SC

Left Quotation Mark Thanks again for your immediate response. I am impressed with the ease of which one can navigate this site. You have made it absolutely "idiot proof" Right Quotation Mark

Cheers! Tom Reeves

Left Quotation Mark I will continue to badger my friends that run pools on other (inferior) sites to move their pools to your site. (I participate in their pools, and whenever I make picks, I marvel at how hard it is to use those other sites!) But their number one argument is that those other sites are free. I don't think they realize just how much you provide for a very reasonable fee. Right Quotation Mark

Thanks for everything you do, Ed Tramell

Left Quotation Mark I love the quick and personal service when I have an "issue". I always hear back from someone and more quickly than I'd expect. This has been a great way for our family to have a little fun at a low cost and easy to use system. I'm thrilled that I was recommended to you and I tell everyone I know that runs a pool to check you out. Thanks so much for making it easy for our family, who is spread across the US, enjoy the football season. Right Quotation Mark

Anonymous response to our customer satisfaction survey.

Left Quotation Mark Cool. Thank you very much. BTW, your pool is very well done. We could have chosen a free one in French (we're in the province of Quebec, CAN), but we chose the best one! Right Quotation Mark

Jean-François Hogue

Left Quotation Mark Thank you!!!!! I've been running a football pool for over 10 years and this is the second year of using your site and it is by far the best and easiest I've used. Right Quotation Mark

Robert Riis

Left Quotation Mark I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that I think your OfficeFootballPool.com website and service is beyond AWESOME! It does everything I want and more.

Thanks for providing a service that my football crazy family and friends can enjoy! Right Quotation Mark

Cody Maverick, President
Funway English School


Left Quotation Mark We have been using your site for about 3-4 years and we all absolutely love it. I use to track our pool on an excel spreadsheet and then we found your site and recommend it to everyone looking for a pool. Thank you for making the pool simple and easy to use. It is a perfect website and set up and you will have a loyal bunch of customers. maybe an iPhone or iPad app in the future? If not no worries we continue to use Officefootballpool and recommend it to all. Right Quotation Mark

Anthony Felice

Left Quotation Mark We used Yahoo last year and I got nothing but complaints (me included) so we're back to OFP! Thanks again. Right Quotation Mark


Left Quotation Mark There are four of us watching games all on our phones, everyone agrees your pool site is the best we've used. Right Quotation Mark

Bill Skellenger

Left Quotation Mark Let me go on record to say you have the best website for office gaming ever. Those jokers at ESPN and Sportsline offer only a fraction of the functionality that you do and there is no way I am ever going back. You can feel free to quote me on your testimonials or even make up something else good and put my name behind it because I love your site that much. Right Quotation Mark

Thomas Dixon

Left Quotation Mark By the way, we have been using your site for 10 years now and it's one of the best, most simple websites I have ever come by. Really appreciate the work you put into it. Right Quotation Mark

David Shaw

Left Quotation Mark This is the third year I have used Officefootballpool.com and it is great. By far the best site on the web for Office pools, very user friendly. Thanks for your great service and helpful customer service, keep up the good work its greatly appreciated. I am not sure what I would do without Officefootballpool.com. Thanks. Right Quotation Mark

Chase Layne

Left Quotation Mark ...just wanted to let you know how great the site is, as usual. I’ve got a number of 1st-timers who couldn’t believe how easy the process was. And as manager, you make it totally painless for me to set it up and get people involved. Happy to be in it again. Thanks! Right Quotation Mark

Craig Schmitt

Left Quotation Mark Best March Madness pool website --> ESPN.com is good. TournamentPools.com is better. The site lets you micromanage everything from deadlines to round values to upset bonuses. Then talk trash on your pool's private message board. Right Quotation Mark

Men's Health Magazine, March 2011

Left Quotation Mark Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for a great 1st season with your website. We ended up having to have a playoff situation for a couple of top positions and the site worked perfectly! Everyone loved it and it made our lives so much easier. Thanks again! Love the site. Right Quotation Mark

Maureen Grossmyer

Left Quotation Mark Thanks for the answers, as usual you were spot on. Seriously, I have never seen better customer service or a more user friendly site or service. I think you guys should get into government service. You could straighten out the mess this country is in. Right Quotation Mark

Ben Pinczewski

Left Quotation Mark Your website is sick! I've heard nothing but good remarks from my people. Everyone in the 50-person league is very happy! Thank you so much... Right Quotation Mark

Dan McCormack

Left Quotation Mark Site is terrific. The layout is clean. To me, OFP is the most professional looking site, and is tremendously easy to navigate. Our pool has grown by 25% per year over the past 4 years, yet I do not receive too many questions by the new members regarding how to navigate the site. To me, this speaks volumes regarding ease of use. I can't think of anything about the site I would change. I love it the way it is. Thanks for doing a great job. Right Quotation Mark

Jack L., J.D.

Left Quotation Mark Thanks guys. Overall, a GREAT experience, and a job well done. I was especially impressed as we had 76 guys in our pool, and they were all old school/spreadsheet types of guys, that were a little nervous about taking it all online. At season end, they were all very impressed, and loved the real-time updates, standings, transparency of picks, and the various tools you offer. We're looking forward to next season already ... we will definitely be back. Thanks! Right Quotation Mark

Tim J.

Left Quotation Mark We have been running our office pool for 12+ years and this was our first year with OFP. I must say it was a great year. Your site covered everything we always did and then some with so much ease. The stress relief for me was worth it! I can also say with 93 participants and 17 weeks, nobody had any complaints with the site. Everyone raved about it and we will be back next year. I cannot say enough. Thanks again for a great year. Go Jets! Right Quotation Mark

Susan Mullen

Left Quotation Mark We just finished our first year using your site and I just wanted to let you know how great it was. We had absolutely no problems. You have a well run site and we look forward to doing it again next year. We had 26 participants this year and expect to have 35-40 next year. Thanks. Right Quotation Mark

Bill Kennedy

Left Quotation Mark First, you have a great site. Each year it appears my crew of contestants is growing, and each has stated thus far how much we enjoy the site. As you are aware, I will be signing up again for the NCAA College Football Bowl Challenge/Confidence pool. I will continue to utilize your site. Most importantly, your quick responses to some of my questions exudes the customer service I am looking for. Right Quotation Mark

Brian G.

Left Quotation Mark Also, wanted to commend you all for this website. This is my 4th or 5th season using it and I have be very pleased with the customer service, quick response, and ability to work through the one glitch I had last year. I highly recommend you to all people starting pools. If fact, someone suggested that I switch to a "free site" and I told them that this site is "rock solid" and worth the fee we pay. Thank you very much! Right Quotation Mark

Chris Miller

Left Quotation Mark First off....this season has been fantastic with your site. I've used Yahoo in the past and I've run my own version offline and I must say that your site is the best experience for both me and my users yet. I've had several users rave about it so far in less than half a season. Right Quotation Mark

Kyle Famiglietti

Left Quotation Mark I cannot tell you how much I appreciate such a great site that is so well put together. I have been running pools for 10 years now, and I have tried a variety of websites and software to help me run them, but I always ended up doing everything manually, because I am a perfectionist, and no one would ever think of all of the important features and details that I felt like you just had to have to run a quality, well-organized pool. That is, until I found your website! Your site is everything I have always searched for and never found, and most importantly, it is affordable! So once more, thank you for all of your hard work. It is appreciated more than you know. Right Quotation Mark

Ben Barker

Left Quotation Mark Hi John. Wanted to send you another email to thank you for a great and well organized web site. This is so convenient and easy to use. I like the new user interface as well. Great work, year after year. Right Quotation Mark

Steve Van Hall

Left Quotation Mark This season worked out great. I had been managing a 5-0 pool manually up until this season and what a difference having a site to do it all makes. Thanks for having the site work so perfectly. I'd possibly be interested in the Super Bowl Squares Pool so please send any additional info you have on that. Thanks again and we'll definitely be back next season. Right Quotation Mark

Ryan (KYDD)

Left Quotation Mark I just thought I would take this opportunity to say I think you guys have done an exceptional job with the website this year. I have been on the site for 4 years and have always enjoyed it, but I think you made some significant improvements this year. Thanks for improving and meeting our needs at a reasonable price. Right Quotation Mark

Joshua Marsh

Left Quotation Mark Hi John,

Our pick'em pool is finished for the year. This was our first "kick at the cat" through your website. It worked like a charm; lots of positive feedback.

We'll be back next year. Thanks. Right Quotation Mark

John Zupancic (Toronto)

Left Quotation Mark Thank you very much for making your website accessible for the blind computer user like myself. I found out about your service this morning and it is very accessible to use. I was able to sign up and check the picks sheet where radio buttons and combo/drop down boxes were all accessible. The submit button was labeled. Super job there! Petro in Atlanta. I use JAWS 10 as my screen reader. Right Quotation Mark

Petro G.

Left Quotation Mark What started as a small family pool is now in year 37. As we grew to around 50 players it became very time consuming to keep up. I have been using OFP for about the last 5 years and have been very pleased with the service received including some special customizations to meet our unique rules. This year the site has been updated to a great new look and I can now completely customize it myself. To any first time users to OFP, you will be very pleased. Right Quotation Mark

John Javelli

Left Quotation Mark Your website is AWESOME! If you ever need someone to do a glowing testimony for you, let me know. 195 participants, and 195 of them loved the site. Right Quotation Mark

Bruce Atkinson

Left Quotation Mark At the beginning of the year, I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive with using your website for our football pool. However, the service that you have provided has been phenomenal. You have been very responsive and helpful with any inquiry I have had and we have been able to run our pool the same way we were doing it for the past 3 years. Using your website was the best decision I have made thus far as commissioner. I could not imagine running a football pool of 109 people with an excel spreadsheet. Right Quotation Mark

Mike DiLoreti

Left Quotation Mark What else can I say but you and your team have done it again this year! Our players love the new look to the site and the features such as Trash Talk and the new uploading of pictures. In addition, the fact that not only do you offer Pick 'Em but we also introduced our league to your Survivor Pool and needless to say that has also been a HUGE hit!

Your site is fun, easy and without a doubt for the price cannot be beat! And when there is an issue, you and your team is right there to resolve it!

You have a customer for life. Right Quotation Mark

Chet Miskiel Pool Manager - Blitz Package

Left Quotation Mark I have been running my pool for over 5 years now and have to commend you on your responsiveness to all my questions throughout. This year you took it a step further and have done an outstanding job on enhancing the website. Thanks for your help and your attention to making this a great site to host pools. Right Quotation Mark

Michael A. Green

Left Quotation Mark John—will do, thanks for the email. We have really enjoyed the pool this year. You and Roger have done a great job and as pool manager, I have really enjoyed all the tweaks and improvements along the way. Roger has really been great to work with and has made my job easy and made the pool a lot of fun. I’m hoping for bigger numbers next year! Right Quotation Mark

Steven Kim

Left Quotation Mark that is excellent news! Like I said, I have been running pools for years, and I know how difficult it is to think of all of the features and rules and settings that you need. I know people have an easier time discussing a problem they are having than telling you when things are great... so I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your site and I think you have done a great job, so you should be very proud of it. It seems that you have thought of everything; I really like all of the options you give for all of the pools... I am a perfectionist, and you have thought of things that I have never considered, so great work! Right Quotation Mark

Ben Barker

Left Quotation Mark You continue to provide the best support out there, always prompt in responses, and by far of all the pool sites I have used in the past years, this one continues to be the best.Thanks. Right Quotation Mark

Ricky Amisano

Left Quotation Mark Your pool is awesome, I did a weekly NFL pool for over ten years and used to have to enter all the picks on a spreadsheet. It involved putting in fifteen results for every team times about 25 teams. Made for a busy Wednesday night. Really enjoy the ease of the website for both Managers and players. All involved have commented how user friendly the website is. Keep up the good work. Right Quotation Mark

Mike Mullen

Left Quotation Mark Just a quick note here to say it is so good to be back and preparing for another fun NFL season with officefootballpool.com. I have been busy getting my pools set up and trying to get all my members reactivated. I just wanted to take the time to say your website just keeps getting better and more user friendly every season. My thanks to you and your staff for providing a professional and affordable site to run my pools. Right Quotation Mark

Gary Mitchell

Left Quotation Mark I have worked with John on both football and basketball pools for a number of years. He is always responsive to any improvements or any problems that arise. I highly recommend both sites for a smooth pool operation! Right Quotation Mark

Dave Kersting


Left Quotation Mark LOVE the changes you've made this yr. site operates easier than ever. how often is it that you make a suggestion to a company, and they actually use that suggestion? well, you guys used my suggestion... and saved me a bunch of time. good work. thanks. Right Quotation Mark

Corey Benjamin

Left Quotation Mark Thanks John...just charged the card and got the receipt.

I think I told you guys last year, but I've heard nothing but good things from everyone about your site! I used it last year for NCAAs, but we also use it for a big NFL pool I'm in...you guys do a great job. Right Quotation Mark

Dave Buckley

Left Quotation Mark Hey John:

You're kicking butt. I've had a lot of compliments from pool players about how easy everthing is to navigate, especially for former players who have registered in prior years. Keep up the good work! Right Quotation Mark

Tom Hisek

Left Quotation Mark Terrific year! This was our first experience with an online format. Everything went off without a hitch. Pool members were happy and everything was accurate all year long. Couldn't be happier with the service. Right Quotation Mark

Roger Busch

Left Quotation Mark Hey John,
Just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you and your staff for putting together a great football site. I've been with you for a few years now and will continue to use office football pool for my future pool needs. Hope you have a very good new year and thanks again. Right Quotation Mark

William Straughen
The Fools Pool


Left Quotation Mark John (and Roger),
Looks like the Season Standings and Weekly Finish Summary pages are loading now, too. Excellent!!

Seriously, with the attention you've given our pool, I don't think you're making much money on our $78 fee. But you can bet we'll be back to use your site again next year, and I'll recommend it to anyone else I can think of who might be able to use your site. All the players in our pool like the site very much -- I've received a lot of compliments on it. And if we decide to do a March Madness pool, we'll be back for that, too. Right Quotation Mark

Greg Todd

Left Quotation Mark I play on the spewy pool and I just have to say I really like the way your web site is set up, you guys did a great job. Right Quotation Mark

Rob Turner

Left Quotation Mark I've used several pool hosts in the past, and this one beats them all. I liked the simple, practical interface that still sacrificed none of the useful features like matchup info, what-ifs, manager's notes, trash talk, etc. Result and standings updates were faster than I've seen elsewhere, too. Site admin was a breeze and, very importantly I've found, registration and sign-up for pool participants was relatively simple and intuitive. Most importantly, no ads, no need to sign-up for a general login to an omnibus site with many unrelated services (such as Yahoo), and an unambiguous privacy policy that never threatens to transfer to those of third-party sites lurking behind outside links (such as SportsLine). My participants were happy with the site, too. I'll definitely be back next year. Right Quotation Mark

Heath Martin

Left Quotation Mark Your site is tremendous, and given the number of computer "beyond illiterates" we have in this pool, very simple to use! Right Quotation Mark

John Widmer

Left Quotation Mark Just a quick note to pass along about how many of my 32 players have commented on how well you run this pool. The speed and detail of your stats is amazing. I have run my own office pool for over 20 years and have used a few services in the past. Yours is second to none. Right Quotation Mark

Mike Ebbing

Left Quotation Mark I just wanted to say the new changes are the icing on what is already a fantastic site. Our entire pool is so impressed with the site. The flexibility, the information, the way everything is linked, the trash talk, the great help. You are doing a fantastic job and we will be back in the years to come.

Congrats to you and your group! Keep up the great work! Right Quotation Mark

Marlow Zacher

Left Quotation Mark You know, I just can't say enough how GREAT it is to hear back from someone concerning a website problem so quickly and with so much useful information. I'm really, really glad I moved to your site. Thanks! Right Quotation Mark

Jens Lisinski

Left Quotation Mark You did an outstanding job in administering the pool. Everyone was very impressed with the ease and innovation of the site. I'd have to declare you the "National Champion of Pools!" Right Quotation Mark

Tom Hisek

Left Quotation Mark I have been using tournamentpools.com as a player the last three years and this was the first year I was a host. This site is fantastic and I will absolutely use this site for several years to come. I love the "What If" feature! That is awesome!!! Thanks again. Right Quotation Mark

Phil Robertson

Left Quotation Mark The site is a great site. It is easy to use and most importantly it is easy to manage. The "what if" scenarios are fantastic and a lot of fun to use. I cant think of anything that I would change. Keep up the good work! Right Quotation Mark

John F.

Left Quotation Mark John- Just sent in my payment for this year's pool. Thanks for a wonderfully managed and user friendly site. We especially like the fact that there isn't a lot of "crap" on it (i.e. ads, flash banners etc.). Your additions and changes this year are great. I have and will continue to send people your way! Keep up the good work! Right Quotation Mark

Giff Brown

Left Quotation Mark John,
Your service regarding the college bowl pool was FANTASTIC, I wished I found you earlier. I will utilize your service from now on and may try the college basketball march madness format.
Thanks again. Right Quotation Mark


Left Quotation Mark I must say that you and your team have been very helpful so far, helping me to change managers, fix issues, and now this. I appreciate the excellent service. Right Quotation Mark

Craig Compas

Left Quotation Mark I really love your site. The people who are part of the pool absolutely love it, as well. I can tell you that I will be a return customer for seasons to come... Thanks a ton! Right Quotation Mark

Jeff Makuch

Left Quotation Mark Hi John,
This is Raven Maniac from pool ***** and just wanted to let you know that everyone of the 27 members I have commented on how good your site is set up and the ease of using it.... Keep up the good work Right Quotation Mark


Left Quotation Mark John, I justed wanted to let you know how happy we have been the last three seasons with OfficeFootballPool.com. What a marvelous answer to managing our football pool! Before using your site, we tried many different alternatives, each of which had major drawbacks. Since using your site, we have had zero complaints from our members and terrific information available quickly to make our pool exciting, enjoyable and fun for all. We would strongly recommend your site to any groups who are considering putting together an offfice pool.

Officefootballpool.com is a wonderful solution and a great site! Keep up the good work. Right Quotation Mark

Ron Maierhofer
Manager Hoofers Foosball Pool


Left Quotation Mark Great news! I truly enjoyed our pool last year and was hoping it would be offered again. You have a customer for life! Thanks again! Right Quotation Mark

Mike Spitek

Left Quotation Mark Great news! I truly enjoyed our pool last year and was hoping it would be offered again. You have a customer for life! Thanks again! Right Quotation Mark

Mike Spitek

Left Quotation Mark As we go into the final week of the season and my pool comes to a close I just want to take the time to say thanks for providing the best site on the Internet for running football pools. This is my third year with you and I have never encountered a problem that wasn't resolved in a very short time. I have a lot of people in my pool who were new to the net this year, and even they found it real easy to navigate the site and get their picks in. I ran a squares pool for Thanksgiving day game. ( Patriots game of course since I live right here in Foxborough Ma. ) and I have two of them going for the super bowl. So on behalf of myself and all the members of my pool we wish you a very Happy New Year. And thank you for making it so easy for us. I WILL be back next year. Right Quotation Mark

Gary Mitchell

Left Quotation Mark Your program is awesome. It has great pool customization features allowing virtually any type pool to be run. Also, its ease of use is tops as it allows someone with limited computer experience to navigate screens quickly, easily, and with very little frustration. Most importantly, customer support is the best. All season you have answered all my questions and took care of problems for me promptly. I would definitely recommend this program (and have) to friends and people who are football fanatics and sports junkies. This program truly made managing Fadity NCAA fun. All the members have also said they like the program and find it easy to use. Most of them, if not all, will be back next year. I also hope to have additional members too.

Again, thanks to you and the support staff at OFP for all the help and assistance this season. Happy holidays to everyone at Office Football Pools. Right Quotation Mark

Mark Weaver
Pool Manager - Fadity NCAA and Fadity College Bowl Pool