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Since 1999, Office Football Pool.com has been the leader in office pool hosting. We have registered well over 2 million users and have hosted hundreds of thousands of office pool games for people like you.

We are a small company with 2 full time employees. We write a lot of code, do customer support, answer phones and emails, and generally wear a lot of hats. Our offices are located near Denver.

Our goal is to make your pool run smoothly and to make the game easy, fun and fair for everyone involved.

We are an Entertainment Only website. We don't take bets or pay out prizes and you aren't allowed to use our site for gambling or wagering or the promotion of gambling or wagering. If you know (or have reason to suspect) that the service is being used for purposes of gambling or any other unlawful activity, you must notify OFP immediately via admin@officefootballpool.com. OFP may pursue legal remedies against such persons.

We take pride in maintaining the integrity of your pool with as much transparency as possible. We carefully record and log everyone's picks. We prevent regular pool members from doing picks too late, and if the pool manager does late picks for someone, those picks get flagged for everyone in the pool to see.

We have invested thousands upon thousands of hours refining our software (and hardware, and networks, etc.) to make the website work great for you. We listen to you and make improvements every year based on your feedback.

We respect your privacy. We don't spam and we never share your email address or other personal information with anyone.

We charge a fee for hosting your pool, generally $1-$3 per entry. For your money you get a fast, reliable, easy to use, fine tuned web site; quick, useful responses to your emails and free telephone support if you need it.

We have a money back guarantee and you may start a pool free with no obligation to use it. There's absolutely no risk to try anything on our site, so go ahead and test it out, take a site tour, set up a pool, and write me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Best regards,

John Cranston
Website Manager